Are You In Danger of Losing Your Medical Professional License?

Medical Professional LicenseAs a professional, having an investigation done on you or a complaint brought against you by a professional licensing body is not to be taken lightly. Being found guilty can mean losing the license to practice or being suspended for a given period of time. There is also the danger of losing your reputation and being shunned by clients. It is, therefore, important to engage a skilled and experienced professional licensing attorney in South Carolina as soon as you find out you are or may be facing an investigation.

Understanding the process of a professional license complaint

The process starts when a patient you have treated, a colleague or another person who has stake or interest in your work files a complaint with the concerned state-licensing agency. The agency will then appoint an investigator to look into the matter. He or she will do so by contacting you to arrange to meet you.

It is very important that you talk to a professional licensing attorney before you set up a meeting. An investigator will typically want to meet you as soon as possible so it is important that you engage an attorney as soon as you receive their letter or call requesting a meeting. This will give the attorney time to examine the facts of the case before the meeting. This way, should the investigator meet you and seek to file a formal complaint or an administrative hearing, your attorney will be ready.

Sometimes, because a professional is innocent, they do not see the need to engage a lawyer. While a complaint may not be valid, it is better to have an attorney handle things just in case the investigator has a different opinion. An experienced professional can avert a dismissal or sanctions imposed greatly reduced. Sanctions can be as serious as having a license revoked or suspended if the matter becomes a criminal case.

Lydon Law is the professional licensing attorney in South Carolina who will know what to do if you are facing professional investigation. A Lydon Law attorney will also advise you on whether you need to make a report to the licensing board. There are criminal convictions that are required to be self-reported and there are those that are not.

If you are facing administrative complaints, board hearings, license suspension orders, licensing renewal matters or any issue touching on your professional license, contact us. We will use our skills and experience to stop problems in your profession before you lose your career or your professional reputation.