Health Care Fraud

Government law enforcement agencies employ an increased sense of urgency in concerted efforts to combat healthcare fraud. In turn, health care providers and related service providers, including physicians, hospitals, ambulance companies and pharmacies, look to experienced defense attorneys as they increasingly come under fire in investigations aimed at uncovering health care fraud.

Lydon Law Firm is a valuable ally of South Carolina health care providers under the microscope. Contact Columbia, South Carolina, health care fraud attorney for counsel and advocacy regarding allegations of any of the following:

  • Improper Medicare or Medicaid payments
  • Failure to return Medicare or Medicaid overpayments
  • Illegal Medicare or Medicaid kickback schemes
  • Illegal promotion of pharmaceutical products
  • Inappropriately admitting patients not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage

Columbia, South Carolina, health care fraud attorney, Sherri Lydon represents health care providers in criminal fraud cases, as well as in civil “qui tam”/whistleblower lawsuits. She has accumulated a lengthy list of favorable outcomes on behalf of health care providers under investigation or facing fraud-related criminal charges or civil lawsuits.

The issue at hand may be Medicare fraud, professional licensure challenges or whistleblower lawsuit defense. Whatever the legal challenge you, your professional practice or health care-related business may face in South Carolina, call or email Lydon Law Firm to schedule a consultation.