Professional Licensing

Professionals relying on Lydon Law Firm for representation when licensure is an issue have included doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, orthodontists, nurses and veterinarians. Lydon Law Firm represents professionals whose licenses are at risk, before courts of law as well as before professional licensing boards.

Medical License Defense & Professional Reputation Protection

Even the most ethical health care provider or other professional can be targeted in fraud investigations aimed at uncovering evidence of fraud and other type of illegal activity.

  • A health care provider may be accused of wrongdoing in connection with services and billing (such as accepting improper Medicare payments).
  • A professional such as an accountant, psychologist, engineer, architect or lawyer may face censure within a given profession as a result of alleged scams or scandals.
  • Alternatively, a legal problem in an unrelated area, such as drug addiction or diversion, or even a DUI, can put a professional license at risk.

When Sherri Lydon is the attorney representing a professional with licensing challenges, an important first aspect of advocacy is to take steps to protect the reputation of the individual or professional practice.

Skilled defense lawyers, such as Sherri Lydon, have tried and true methods for keeping sensitive matters out of the public eye, such as negotiating for private reprimands rather than public censure.

In addition to damage control, a thorough investigation is critical in the early stages of a professional licensing defense case. In some cases, early intervention by an experienced lawyer can prevent professional censure, criminal charges, damage to reputation and risk of loss of licensure.

For a detailed professional licensing defense case evaluation, contact Columbia, South Carolina, professional licensing attorney, Sherri Lydon through this website or by calling 803-753-1592.