Insurance Fraud Defense

Sherri Lydon of the Columbia, South Carolina, law firm Lydon Law has asserted the rights of clients throughout the Midlands for many years. In particular, insurance fraud defense cases in South Carolina require a keen understanding of the criminal and civil impact of being convicted or held liable in insurance fraud proceedings.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office estimates that insurance fraud cases cost the U.S. economy $85 billion per year. Such cases can arise in a variety of circumstances. Lydon Law Firm represents clients facing insurance fraud cases that arise from claims involving health care, homes, cars and businesses small and large.

With an entire division devoted to investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud crimes throughout South Carolina, the attorney general’s office pursues these cases aggressively. Insurance fraud may involve:

  • Falsified medical histories
  • Falsified driving records
  • Falsified work injuries
  • Falsified car accident injuries
  • Falsified car accidents
  • Falsified home or business losses

As part of Lydon Law Firm’s commitment to representing clients’ interests, the firm challenges criminal convictions to shield clients from civil liability. Because evidence of either proceeding can be used in the other, it is vital that the firm move forward so as to minimize the consequences of a criminal trial.

The firm represents clients facing insurance fraud charges in health care settings as employers and employees or as consumers of home, auto or employment insurance.

If you seek legal counsel regarding insurance fraud charges, contact experienced criminal defense lawyer Sherri Lydon at 803-753-1592. Or you may email the firm using the onlinecontact form.