Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

In 2013, 13 states either enacted new false claims laws or expanded existing ones. This increase was driven in large part by financial incentives offered to the states in the 2005 Federal Deficit Reduction Act (DRA). The DRA encouraged states to enact false claims laws targeting Medicaid fraud that are as robust as the federal laws.

The federal government pursues Medicare fraud cases and solicits reports by asking individuals to submit complaints and identifying reports. With admission to both state and federal courts throughout South Carolina, Lydon Law Firm has the capacity to represent physicians and health care institutions facing criminal and civil charges in either state or federal court.

South Carolina Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

Like many other states, South Carolina has an entire prosecutorial unit devoted to investigating and prosecuting institutions and individuals who allegedly violate state and federal health care laws. In South Carolina, Medicaid fraud is handled in the civil courts, the criminal courts or both. From offices in Columbia, South Carolina, Lydon Law Firm routinely defends clients facing investigations by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

In many Medicaid prosecutions, the state is concerned with billing discrepancies, or billing that does not accurately reflect medical services provided to actual clients. Prosecutions of fraudulent billing practices are aimed at recovering government and taxpayer dollars and as such, convictions or findings of liability carry severe financial penalties. We assist our clients in appropriately responding to all summonses and subpoenas and challenge every aspect of the prosecution’s case against our clients.

As a Medicare and Medicaid defense attorney, Sherri Lydon represents hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, hospices and other health care professionals and institutions facing criminal and civil proceedings. Ms. Lydon’s routinely successful defenses depend on her candid rapport with clients and her commitment to pursuing all legal avenues to ensure favorable outcomes.

Health care fraud may carry both criminal and civil penalties. To identify potential consequences in a specific case, consult the Lydon Law Firm at 803-753-1592 or email the firmĀ online.