Money Laundering

Though money laundering convictions are often associated with organized crime in the minds of most citizens, the charge is used by prosecutors in many arenas where money is received as the result of illegal activity. Money laundering crimes are serious offenses that carry severe penalties. Internationally, $1.6 trillion is laundered each year. Money laundering is any instance where money has been earned illegally and reintegrated into the economy in ways that hide the source of the money.

Governed by multiple federal and international legal instruments and agencies, money laundering criminal charges are complex and intricate cases. Money laundering hides criminal funds derived from illegal conduct, including:

  • Extortion
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Currency deposits
  • Medical billing fraud
  • Smuggling

Recent money laundering investigations by the Internal Revenue Service have targeted attorneys, drug cartels, coin dealers, jewelers, health care and other businesses. What is clear from the money laundering charges pursued by the IRS is that the crimes also combine some element of wire fraud, drug trafficking, tax evasion or other federal crimes.

Money laundering is often a secondary charge and Lydon Law Firm defends these cases as holistic white collar crimes and prepares a comprehensive legal defense. The Lydon defense firm, with offices in Columbia, South Carolina, and representing clients throughout the Midlands, assists clients with federal money laundering cases.

Because a client may be facing multiple federal agencies in the criminal proceedings, it is critical that he or she consult with an assertive criminal defense attorney before submitting documents or providing statements.

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