Mortgage Fraud

Both federal and state governments are increasingly concerned about mortgage fraud schemes that can include falsified loan applications, kickbacks, bribes and defrauding investors. Every year, the U.S. conducts billions of dollars of mortgage transactions. The financing of homes in the U.S. is governed by state and federal statutes that regulate the industry.

Real estate and mortgage fraud cases are complex cases to defend and untangle. The financial research necessary to launch an effective legal defense requires financial experts. With access to certified public accountants, Lydon Law Firm conducts an intensive review of documents involved in a case to determine the applicable laws, best defenses and potential consequences.

South Carolina, like many states, has seen an increase in mortgage fraud indictments and charges in the wake of tougher requirements for mortgage and foreclosure assistance since the 2008 crash in the housing market. Lydon Law Firm has represented clients accused of mortgage fraud in their capacity as:

  • Brokers
  • Lenders
  • Appraisers
  • Title company owners
  • Contractors
  • Buyers

Mortgage fraud cases often include false loan statements, misleading financial documents, identity theft and additional complications that can alter the balance of a mortgage fraud prosecution. Such complex cases benefit from Lydon Law Firm’s extensive familiarity with the trial and courtroom procedures necessary to ensure favorable outcomes.

For legal assistance challenging mortgage fraud criminal charges, meet with lawyer Sherri Lydon by sending the office an email or calling 803-753-1592.