Public Corruption

From offices in Columbia, South Carolina, Lydon Law Firm assists elected officials who are accused of violating state and federal laws in their official capacity. These public corruption charges may be prosecuted by the state’s attorney general’s office or the United States Attorney’s Office. In either case, Lydon Law Firm can investigate, challenge and mitigate the negative consequences of public corruption charges.

As a former federal prosecutor, founding attorney Sherri Lydon specialized in public corruption matters. Additionally, as a leading proponent of South Carolina ethics reform and a state ethics commissioner, attorney Lydon has the essential blend of legal experience and knowledge to launch a comprehensive legal defense of individuals under investigation or who have been charged with public corruption crimes. She has more than 20 years of experience both prosecuting and defending those charged with public corruption crimes, including:

  • Accepting kickbacks
  • Making or accepting illegal campaign contributions
  • Campaign finance law violations
  • Bribery
  • Misconduct of a public official
  • Extortion
  • Hobbs Act violations
  • The State Grand Jury

Public Corruption Charges Can Derail A Political Career

Many public corruption charges are prosecuted as felonies and carry 10 or more years in prison in addition to requiring a forfeiture of public office positions upon conviction. The consequences of a conviction may preclude an individual from running for office in the future.

The firm’s objective is to vigorously defend against the criminal charge and ensure the client’s overall well-being.

In Operation Lost Trust— one of South Carolina’s largest public corruption cases— Sherri Lydon served as a lead prosecutor. In all, attorney Lydon helped convict 27 legislators, lobbyists and political insiders. Because our law firm knows how to structure and prosecute public corruption matters, we also know how to precisely construct an effective defense in a public corruption case.

If you or a loved one is facing public corruption charges arising out of any of the listed matters, call 803-753-1592 or email the firm online to schedule a consultation.