Tax Fraud

Tax fraud at the state and federal level can carry jail sentences and severe fines. The criminal penalties associated with tax violations are severe to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.

The Columbia, South Carolina, Lydon Law Firm represents clients throughout the Midlands facing investigations by the Internal Revenue Service criminal investigation unit. As a successful tax fraud defense firm, Lydon Law uses carefully vetted former IRS agents with a background in finance and accounting to carefully review and challenge IRS investigations and audits.

South Carolina Department Of Revenue

Clients are often accused of failing to comply with South Carolina tax laws by employees who complete the Tax Violation Complaint offered by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The South Carolina Criminal Investigations Division (CID) investigates and recommends state tax violations for criminal prosecution.

Many clients face federal and state tax violation charges stemming from:

  • Underreporting income
  • Failing to file taxes
  • Maintaining offshore accounts
  • Engaging in tax evasion

When clients retain Lydon Law Firm, the objective is to minimize the potential financial and imprisonment penalties associated with a conviction. Even in the most severe cases, the firm assists clients by arguing that the court should depart from the federal sentencing guidelines and impose less severe sentences. In Gall v. United States, The Supreme Court found that the federal sentencing guidelines that impose mandatory prison sentences in many cases are not mandatory. As such, even in the worst cases, Sherri Lydon’s counsel is invaluable in ensuring that clients spend minimal time in prison.

IRS Tax Fraud

A chief criminal prosecution tactic is to use IRS audits and violations as proxies to capture criminal violations that the federal government cannot prove in a court of law. In these types of cases, Sherri Lydon’s extensive prosecutorial background helps her identify the exact subtext of all IRS-related audits, violations and charges. Additionally, because IRS cases are often used to prosecute white collar crimes, her hands-on knowledge of white collar crime defenses at the state and federal level ensures that clients are represented well in both the tax matter and any white collar crimes that are added later.

Potential clients concerned about state or federal tax audits and tax fraud violations should call 803-753-1592 or email the firm online to speak with experienced tax fraud lawyer Sherri Lydon.