The State Grand Jury

With an extensive background in white collar criminal prosecutions, Sherri Lydon is a white collar criminal defense attorney who leverages her prosecution experience to successfully represent clients throughout the South Carolina Midlands.

Lydon Law Firm clients from Columbia, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas often face subpoenas from the state grand jury to produce either testimony or records. The decisions that clients make in the aftermath of receiving a state grand jury subpoena are critical to the range of legal options available in a potential defense if they are indicted. As such, it is vital that clients retain an attorney before responding to any subpoenas.

The state grand jury prosecutes serious complex cases. Indictments it issues often concern legal matters pertaining to:

  • Obscenity
  • Public corruption
  • Election fraud
  • Gangs
  • Environmental violations
  • Cybercrimes
  • Terrorism
  • Securities fraud

Former Chief Of The State Grand Jury

Sherri Lydon became the chief of the state grand jury in South Carolina in 2003. In this role, she successfully prosecuted white collar criminal cases, including securities fraud. With Ms. Lydon’s in-depth knowledge of state grand jury proceedings, clients benefit from a criminal defense strategy that is wholly familiar with how the prosecution will proceed.

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