Whistle Blower Qui-Tam Defense

With the rise of False Claims Act (FCA) cases at the federal level, companies are facing increased liability risks as employees bypass internal compliance programs to pursue compensation under the federal FCA as a whistleblower. The qui tam provisions of the federal False Claims Act(s) provide whistleblowers who expose employer fraud with financial awards in successful suits.

In whistleblower cases, employees file suits on behalf of the federal government and allege employer fraud in order to get the government to intercede. Our firm’s objective is to eliminate government incentives to get involved and thereby save clients litigation fees and reduce or eliminate financial penalties.

Costs Of Defending A False Claims Act Case

In addition to the costs of retaining counsel and paying fines if found liable, companies facing False Claims Act cases must produce documents and witnesses and undergo extensive audits— often without a clear indication of the actual violation. All of these efforts consume company resources in the form of personnel. Additionally, corporations and institutions face potentially damaging disclosures that their affect public image and reputation.

Because suits can be filed under seal, companies are sometimes unable to launch an adequate defense. As a former prosecutor, lawyer Sherri Lydon has the background and experience to launch an effective defense of the firm’s clients. The firm helps clients successfully navigate the legal obstacles that can lead to massive fines and potential jail time.

Proactive Litigation And Trial Tactics

As part of the firm’s proactive white collar defense strategy, Lydon Law Firm evaluates and negotiates with government intermediaries to reduce or prevent charges. We have assisted clients facing charges such as:

  • Health care fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud

Lydon Law Firm, a Columbia, South Carolina, white collar defense firm, is committed to defending companies in the health care, tax and hospital industries against liability.

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