Wire Fraud/Embezzlement

Employees, trustees and individuals entrusted with financial accounts who use any of the money for personal goods or services or who misappropriate funds may be charged with wire fraud or embezzlement. In most cases, embezzlement is associated with white collar crimes, and individuals in many positions can be charged.

Sherri Lydon of Lydon Law Firm asserts and defends the rights of clients facing federal wire fraud charges or state embezzlement charges. Even a $1,000 state embezzlement charge can lead to 30 days in jail upon conviction. Legal representation that understands how these cases are prosecuted is vital to successful defense outcomes.

Many factors can influence sentences and outcomes, especially in areas of financial fraud that affect disabled, elderly or young clients. Harsh sentences can be handed down when financial fraud is linked to:

  • Vulnerable populations
    • Children
    • The elderly
    • The disabled
  • Money laundering
  • Violent crimes

In all of the above cases, the counsel of a criminal defense lawyer is invaluable. Courts often impose the severest sentences when financial fraud intersects with other crimes.

Challenging the state’s case in an effort to minimize potential prison time for Lydon clients requires an extensive review of all of the allegations and facts of the case. This in-house investigation is necessary to challenge the witnesses and evidence that will be presented.

Financial fraud convictions carry significant penalties, including prison and forfeiture of property and accounts in addition to restitution. Lydon Law Firm provides robust criminal defense services to clients in and around Columbia, South Carolina.

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